Marbella theater - La Comedia de las Mentiras


Athens. Two brothers, Hipolita and Leonidas, are in love. She from a young man named Tíndaro, he from a young woman called Gymnastics, who, however, is ... a flutist. But neither Tíndaro nor Gymnastics are the couples that the father of Hipólita and Leónidas, a recalcitrant miser, a merchant of wines, cloths and liras, wants for their children. Currently, he is on a business trip. And he has left in charge of the house his sister Cántara, the spinster aunt who has been waiting for Philemon for more than forty years, his youthful love, who one day went out to buy figs and did not come back.

Hipólita wants to escape with Tíndaro, but not before obtaining the dowry that her father refuses to pay. How to get it? Lying.

Leonidas wants to escape with Gymnastics because a certain Degollus, a Macedonian general, has bought it for his use and enjoyment, and intends to take it away. How to get it? Lying.

Calidoro, slave for everything, who has cared for and watched the two brothers grow up, who, as he says "he has only needed to give them his tit", is forced to help them. How? Lying.

Meanwhile, Cántara, after so many years of abstinence, throws herself into the world and falls in love with a young man named Titinio, who is not really called Titinio, because Titinio lies.

And Degollus appears, who also does not turn out to be who he says he is, because, of course, he also lies.

And to all these lies, let's add many pirates, and an old man called Posthumous, and Tiberia, always snobby and rabid, and a mysterious mother, who does not know very well what became of her, and a few squid, and pears, many pears , and the wonderful verses of Sappho, and still more lies. Lies, all of them fabricated so that blood does not reach the river and love triumphs. Oh, and so that Calidoro, poor man, does not end up receiving the sticks as always. Although, it is already known that, being a slave, it will not be easy.


26th January 


Teatro Ciudad de Marbella

Plaza Ramón Martínez 3

29603 Marbella, Málaga



Tickets: 20 EUROS


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