13/4/2018: The New Citizen Card - Benahavis


The Benahavis tonwhall establishes changes in relation to the acquisition and enjoyment of the Citizen Card holders. A card that was launched 10 years ago and has brought many benefits to the registered. A Citizen Card holders that lets you enjoy sports, crafts and culture, among other activities with many advantages, it is ultimately the role after it.

The Citizen Card holders has undergone a significant and advantageous modifications, some of which have been exposed by the citizens and their concerns for improvement.

In this 2018 his flesh Citizen will remain optional, as always, and voluntary acquisition. 
We detail some of the new advantages thereof:

  • It will be available any day of the year.
  • The annual payment will be charged to your bank account you provide automatically, thus preventing have to scroll every time you need to renew.
  • The first payment of the new license, will be held at City Hall (credit card), or your trusted entity, but only the first time.
  • A single fee for all.
  • The renewal will be automatic every year from the receipt thereof to your bank, and it is the citizen who decides if he wants to remain eligible to meat citizen or not.
  • The acquisition of the new Citizen Card holders will no longer be provided for the purposes of income tax as their new payment and processing, allow.

In short, more benefits and more facilities for the registered citizens. 
They can go through the reception of the town hall, where they advise and inform about the new Citizen Card holders, or contact sports delegation, whenever they want.