Joaquin Crespo.jpeg

Organized by: Asociación Fórum Fotográfico de Marbella

JOAQUÍN MARÍA CRESPO CANDELA, born in Cáceres in 1956. He tells us: "I was fortunate that my parents wanted my extracurricular activities during the baccalaureate to be English and fine arts, where I had teachers who taught me the rudiments of composition , light, vanishing points, proportions, etc. After several destinations in Spain, I was lucky enough to get to know Andalusia, where I have lived for decades, married to a marbellera. Professionally dedicated to the right and vocationally to photography, initially to analogue and now to digital, although without totally abandoning the first one. I enjoy making photos and almost looking at others. I was always fascinated by its potential to make the moment eternal. My maximum ambition, to have more time to dedicate to the family and make and keep looking at photographs "

Joaquín's photograph exudes truth. As well as harmony and composition, Joaquin's work transports us to the time when classic photographers came out with their cameras to portray the reality of the street. The black and white that he offers us in his prints reminds us of the red light laboratories where we spent so many hours to squeeze the negative to make copies that left us the time and "luck". Joaquín is a nostalgic and his classic black and white photography carries a mark of extreme quality. And he knows how to portray the street and translate it as a fleeting vision inside. It does not leave you indifferent, absolutely and guaranteed