GPS Marbella - Condominium Administration

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Welcome to GPS Marbella...

A unique Condominium Administration firm in the Costa del Sol; headed by competent knowledgeable architecture and engineering professionals, while of adequate size to respond promptly and efficiently to the demands of its clients.

Our size allows us to respond with care and dedication: through permanent, personal contact with homeowners and board members.

We literally assume all of the property's management tasks: relieving the Condominium Board from any duties other than representation and decision making.

Our specialized architecture and engineering knowledge guarantees that renovation and maintenance tasks are assigned and supervised efficiently, whether in-house or outsourced.

Our commitment is proactive: constantly looking for creative solutions to improve your condominium property, even in tight budgets.

As registered professionals we can also provide full construction management and architecture services if required. 




Urb. Puerto del Almendro

Las Terrazas, Casa Club 29679 Benahavis - Málaga

Phone: 952 78 88 40